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At this point, people expect us to accept their insurance.  If they call the office and the receptionist says that we don't accept that insurance, they immediately hang up.  They don't realize how harmful their insurance is to the future of their own health care.  Like a frog that is dropped into a pan of boiling water, he will hop out.  But if that frog is put into warm water and the heat is turned up slowly, he will get cooked.  Doctors are being slowly cooked.  Our family practice residency programs are only filling 60% or the available positions and only 40% are Americans, the rest are foreign medical graduates.  When I was applying for a Family Practice Residency position, the were 2-3 applicants per spot.  The word is out that you can't make a living in Family Medicine.  It is only the patients that don't know yet.  

Almost all of my patients assumed that I was a rich doctor.  Little did the know that many of them make more than I and 1/2 of the family doctors in central US.

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